Fee & Policies

Registration Fee:

A $35 non-refundable registration fee and $60 per family.   This registration fee holds a spot in class for the 2021- 2022  dance season season, classes, vacations or holidays, vacations. Enrollment is from August 9, 2021 to May 31, 2022. 


Once registered at Dance Expression, tuition is due on the 1st of each month.  We have a fair policy regarding our payment for tuition and subsequent assessment of late fees. If payment is received after the 6 day grace period, or received on or after there 7th of the month, a $15 late fee will be applied to the account balance.

Tuition is based on a total of 32-34  weeks of class in a 10 month period, including studio lessons, recital rehearsal, and recital performance.

Monthly tuition payments are based on the total of 10 months of class, but tuition payments are made in 11 monthly installments with 2 payments in the month of May.  The first May tuition payment is due May 1st, 2022, and the final tuition payment is due May 31, 2022.  The 11th payment is not an extra payment, but a final payment for the 10 month dance season 


Tuition remains the same whether it's a long (5 week) or short (3 week) month and regardless of absences, vacations or holidays. There are no makeup classes for holidays, as they are built into the total tuition cost.


Throughout the year, there is a lot of information that is communicated to our families. We utilize many avenues to communicate information. 

Email – Please add expressionsdanceinfo@yahoo.com to your email list. We regularly send email and newsletter updates. 

Website – Basic studio info, including staff contact info can be found here.

Bulletin Board - The bulletin board in the front window had information posted.

Social media – We have a Facebook and private Instagram page for Dance Expressions families only that we update with events.

Tuition is due by the 7th of each month. We accept personal checks, cash, and PayPal  for payment.  


Late Fee: Tuition that is not paid by the 7th of each month, is considered LATE.  If tuition is not paid by the 7th of any given month, a late fee of $15 will be assessed. 



Returned Checks:

Any check that is returned will be subject to $25 fee.


Refund Policy:

There are NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS that will be given for tuition, registration fee, recital tickets, recital costumes, and any tuition related fees.

Cancellation of Classes:

 Dance Expressions requires 5 or more children enrolled in order to form a class. Dance Expressions reserves the right to cancel any or all classes. Should a class be cancelled, we will provide an acceptable replacement. 


Class Make Up:

Your student has the option to make up a scheduled class due to an excused absence. 

They may make up the dance class by taking the same class (same style of dance and age range) at a different time. Please visit or contact the front desk to determine the right class. Refunds will not be issued for missed classes. Class make ups can only be used when the student is enrolled in the class. If your student decides to drop for any reason and returns after any amount of time, your student will no longer be eligible to use their class make up. Class make-ups must be completed within the month of the missed class. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Placement in Classes:

Dance Expressions and its instructors will place students in classes. We feel it is more important that the children are in the correct level of class, than making sure a student is with their exact age group. We ask for your respect, in regards to our expertise in class placement. We desire to see every student grow and achieve the most within our classes. When a class is too challenging, they may not be able to grasp and learn proper technique. Likewise, when it is too easy, a student may not grow as a dancer.

Dropping a Class:

In order to avoid late fees and charges you must drop classes before the 1st of the month by emailing expressionsdanceinfo@yahoo.com. If you do not drop classes before the 1st of the month, you will continue to be charged monthly tuition as you are ultimately paying for a spot in a class of instruction that otherwise could have been filled with another student. 

If you owe any amount after dropping, you will be billed. If you drop between the first and the sixth of a month (before tuition is due), you will only be charged for the classes that occurred during this time (you will still be charged even if your child did not attend since you are paying for the spot in the class). 



Code of Conduct:

Every dancer will need to be respectful of all students and teachers. We will not tolerate any physical or verbal abuse, including “name calling” or “bullying” by any student. If a student disrupts the safety of other students in the class they will be asked to leave without refund. All students must also show respect to the property of others. Any intentional damage to or theft of such property or class equipment will not be tolerated and could result in the student’s dismissal from class without refund. All Dance Expressions dance instructors will make sure the classroom is a safe environment by upholding these rules and regulations. If a student does not abide by these rules they may be asked to discontinue dance classes until they can use appropriate behavior. At any time, we reserve the right to refuse service based on the above mentioned.

The Nutcracker & Annual Recital:

We have 2 performance opportunities per dance season for our dancers to perform. "The Nutcracker" is our winter performance and is open to dancers ages 5 & up.  We have 3 performances the third weekend of December. Participating in "The Nutcracker is open to all enrolled students, and other dancers in our community. 


Our Spring performance, our annual recital, is the first weekend in June. In order for students to participate in the recital, they must be enrolled in classes by January and stay enrolled in class every month up to the recital. 

Nutcracker Performance Cost :

Self-Wellness Check Agreement

Please ask yourself these questions and answer "NO" to ALL before coming into the studio:


Do you, your child, or other recent acquaintances have:
- Cough?
- Fever (defined as above 99.6 degrees)?
-Shortness of breath and/or trouble breathing?
- Persistent pain, pressure, or tightness in the chest?
- Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms within the past 14 days?
-Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?

By signing this agreement, I acknowledge and agree that myself, my child(ren), or other recent acquaintances have not had any symptoms within the last 14 days that may result in  being exposed to or infected by CVOID-19.